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Lessons are $37.50/30 min and $75.00/Hr Paid Monthly

Private Lessons are available for Drumming, Avid Pro Tools and Presonus Studio One Operation and Digital Audio Workstation Knowledge, Audio Production and Recording Techniques.

3 Hour Master Class $150

Pay with Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card

I'm proud to be a part of the Vic Firth Private Drum Teacher Education Team as well as a member of Hudson Music's TIP. Thanks for the support!

Learn the art of drumming and music!

"Drumming creativity, Learn musicianship, Gain confidence, Build self-esteem"

"Give yourself the chance to let your creativity shine through by unlocking your musical talent."

"To teach, is to learn again and again"

Support and Educational Seminars

I am proud to be supported by VIC FIRTH STICKS through their private drum teacher program and am offering seminars and master classes on learning drumming along with teaching other topics such as the art of audio recording using Pro Tools.

Through various lessons my students will learn how to control the drum sticks in the most natural and efficient way and understand the techniques and mechanics of playing the instrument, they will also learn how to read music and notation while playing the drums, write music and be able to capture their creativity on paper. My students will learn to use creative listening techniques to go deep into the song and understand the songs structure, play with other musicians in a band or musical setting, learn how to perform in a live setting as well as a recording studio and most of all have fun!

Music and Drumming is Inspirational, Educational and Motivational

Learning a musical instrument can be the most fulfilling thing anyone can do.

Drumming and music are a lot of things in one, such as:

Math, understanding fractions and counting notes through beats and measures.

Health, there is a physical and mental control a drummer has to learn to understand how to play and perform.

History, there are many years of drumming history, past drumming greats and the history of music and how musical genres have evolved over the years and how drumming has evolved along with it.

Reading, sight reading music can be very challenging and fulfilling.

Writing, to be able to write down the ideas you have and create your own voice and style.

Art, drumming is artistic, like a painter using oils on a canvas and a sculptor shaping stone or clay, a drummer creates sounds of all shapes and colors.

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